Buyers Making Their Move in Sequim

Buyers have started their spring visits to Sequim early this year, and homes are selling at a substantially increased pace suddenly. That is good for sellers. Very good. For buyers that may or may not be so good. If there is more competition for the existing inventory, then it will be harder to find that ideal home if others have beat you to it. But if the increased sales activity encourages homeowners to put their homes on the market because they now feel they might be able to sell, then that would be a good thing for buyers.

I showed houses today to a couple who asked me, “Is Sequim experiencing multiple offers like some hot markets in southern California and Texas and Colorado?” My answer went like this.

We have many homes on the market that have grown stale, and the majority of retirees moving to Sequim are not interested in those homes. But there is a small segment of the market with homes that are right near the top of the bell curve of what buyers really want. Those homes are selling. And they are not getting replaced fast enough. Few people are building new houses, and those who are plan to live in them for 15 years or longer. That means the best homes in the best areas at the best prices are selling.

When retirees show up on the same weekend or the same weekday, retirees who happen to be looking for similar homes, the first one to make the offer probably gets the house, assuming they can reach mutual acceptance with the sellers. This is why every once in a while I will see two offers come in on the same listing. It doesn’t happen often, but lately it is happening more often.

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