How iRealty Helps Buyers

iRealty for Buyers is much more than meets the eye.  We’ve thought long and hard about what it is that buyers want and need. Better than that, we’ve asked hundreds and hundreds of buyers exactly what they want.  Here’s what they told us going back two decades, with a focus on the past five years.  If you’re a buyer, what if you found a company that does all of these things for you:

Gives you the most powerful online MLS search tools with no obligation to register or reveal your personal information;
Gives you literally thousands of articles on real estate, including articles written to answer the very questions buyers like you have been asking for years;
Gives you free tools that normally only agents can see on subscription sites;
Gives you free tools for your PC, your Mac, and mobile devices like tablets and smart phones;
Gives you a free weekly email newsletter for buyers on how to buy in this market;
Gives you access to instructional videos on many different aspects of buying real estate;
Teaches you the traps for the unwary buyer that so many get caught in;
Helps you know precisely how to negotiate the best possible price and terms;
Reveals insider secrets that real estate agents don’t share with clients or the public;
Worked for you without any conflict of interest, and represented you only;
Honesty and integrity without compromise;
Decades of experience, competence, and professionalism; and
A staff that includes a real estate attorney of 20 years;

Couldn’t a company and brokers like these give you the best chance to find and negotiate the best price and terms on your next home?  This description is the foundation upon which iRealty Virtual Brokers is built.  We pour everything we have and everything we do into serving you faithfully and serving your best interests above all else.

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  • ~ Testimony by Phil and Janet

    "Selling a house remotely is not an easy task especially in this market. But Chuck sold our house and made the transaction effortless. The people that he found were perfect, too, and that makes us very happy. Now the weight of having to sell our house is off our shoulders and we can finally feel settled and enjoy our new location. Chuck is our HERO! "

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