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[iRealty Virtual Brokers is not hiring at this time. April 2015]

If you want to lower your business overhead, increase net commissions, work from your home office on your own hours, and use technology and the Internet efficiently to bring clients to you without any expensive print advertising, and if you want to be part of a powerful virtual real estate brokerage of like-minded agents who meet online weekly to share, plan, and strategize, you’ll want to know more about us and how you can join us.

We are looking for good agents, but we are looking for agents with a special profile, one that matches our own vision for how a real estate brokerage should be operated and what kind of freedom agents should have.  If the following profile sounds like you, then we already have a lot in common.

Our ideal agent:

1.  Lives with integrity in every relationship and in every business dealing;

2.  Loves working with people, and out of that love for his/her clients, serves their best interests above all else, even his/her own;

3.  Pays attention to every detail in a transaction because he/she wants to take care of his clients;

4.  Loves selling people, loves marketing, and thrives on competition;

5.  Is in touch with his/her feelings, knows how to connect with others on an emotional level as well as intellectual;

6.  Has a passion to live a good life, be happy, and to leave a legacy;

7.  Wants to be financially successful and earn a six figure income in net real estate commissions;

8.  Is entrepreneurial and creative in business;

9.  Is not negative, is not a robot in life, is not emotionally locked up, and seeks to constantly grow and become a better person;

10.  Loves technology or at least is excited about learning how to use technology to build their business;

11.  Is humble and teachable, not arrogant;

12.  Is highly self-disciplined and hard working;

13.  Has a passion to be the best real estate agent he/she can be, and is willing to put in the hard work to become that person;

14.  Is a goal setter and well organized;

15.  Can work alone but also knows the value of working together to leverage knowledge and time;

16.  Has discernment in all his/her dealings, and can keep client and business details confidential;

17.  Can grab ahold of a big vision for the future of his/her business, but also can pay attention to the details to reach big goals;

18.  Is generous and extends friendship and kindness to everyone 24/7;

19.  Knows his/her strengths and weaknesses; and

20.  Wants to be successful, and is loyal to those who help him/her succeed.

We charge no monthly fee, and you can be at 100% very quickly with us.  Learn more about what we do for agents, and this is just the tip of the iceberg:  What iRealty Virtual does for its Agents.

We are currently recruiting in the state of Washington.  If you agree with our philosophy and business practices, email and include your resume and a narrative explanation as to why you would like to join iRealty Virtual Brokers.

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