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I run a virtual real estate brokerage. The business plan is the best business plan I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many in 37 years in business (20 as a lawyer). But what I really sell is much bigger than real estate or an extraordinary business plan, and it’s much bigger than me. What I really sell is freedom.

Let me explain. When I was in high school, my best friends and I had a plan for our lives. When we graduated from high school, we were going to drive around the country together in a van, see the world, and be free to live our lives on our own terms. It’s amazing how naive we were. So how did things work out? I’ve learned that life rarely goes according to plan . . . for anyone.

After high school, most of my friends bounced around for a few years with different dissatisfying and low paying jobs. In the long run, one settled in a job as a manager at a gas station/quick stop. One worked for various construction companies, has been married three times, and is an alcoholic. One went to diesel mechanic school in Denver, then came back to our little town and has been a bar tender for over 20 years. One died years later in a car accident, the result of drug use. One became a homosexual and lives in a different world. A few of us went to college. After college one of my friends married a woman who is the family dictator. One worked construction as an operator and eventually went to work for the State of Alaska in a remote section of the State, but will have a decent retirement. I became a high school teacher, but after two years decided to go to law school. After 20 years of practicing law, I found it quite unsatisfying, and decided to come back to sales–real estate sales. But one thing all of us have in common is that life did not work out as we thought it would. We all wore rose colored glasses when we were young. We all did what we thought we had to, and exactly 40 years after graduating from high school, not one of us lived free lives.

Back then, school counselors, parents, and friends encouraged us to go down the traditional path of success. That path included college, going to work for a corporation (or the federal government), having a 20+ year career, retiring and then traveling in a motor home and enjoying life. We were supposed to “climb the corporate ladder” with a wonderful career. We also were expected to have the perfect family, like Ward and June Cleaver with children like Wally and Beaver. Alas, life in a T.V. series is not like life in the real world.

Today there is no security in a job with a large corporation. Having a 20 year career at Boeing is not very likely anymore. Microsoft no longer offers jobs with security and stock options. They hire independent contractors who compete with each other to work for the lowest bid. Many corporations today don’t have retirement contribution plans.

The world as it used to be, and as we hoped it would be when most of us were young, just does not exist. Most Americans complain about their jobs as tedious, boring, too political, low paying, lacking insurance or retirement benefits, insecure, and unhappy places to be. They don’t feel like they are in control of their lives, and too often their careers dictate whether they spend quality time with their spouses or go to their childrens’ baseball games.

That is not freedom. That is much more like slavery than freedom, and Americans in this generation have fallen in the trap of mediocrity, and for too many, failure. Many of our parents believed that a job was a means to an end, just a way to support your family, that you didn’t have to like your job, but you had to do it for 20 to 30 years. In other words, the idea was to sell your soul to the company. Many of us fell into the trap of accepting that belief system.

I invite agents to join iRealty Virtual Brokers, but what I sell is freedom. I sell freedom from unhappy jobs, financial insecurity, and the trap of family relationships that are in the red zone of stress because of lack of money and time. I sell freedom to do what you want when you want.

I love working with people, helping them improve the quality of their lives.  The business plan is the best, and the compensation is unlimited residual income. What’s not to like? The lifestyle this business provides is the kind of freedom most of us have searched for our whole lives. We just didn’t know where to look, and we didn’t know what to look for.

I sell freedom. Want some?

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