iRealty Technology

iRealty Technology is at the forefront of the real estate industry, serving our clients with the most powerful tools, techniques, and methodologies today.  The traditional real estate model relies on some very old methods, some old marketing and sales techniques, and many of those methods simply do not work very well in this modern world of Internet technology.  Buyers know all this intuitively.  Buyers have moved on to use search engines, and they’ve learned how to do their home searches and filter through the online inventories, and they know how to do their due diligence and select professional Realtors with experience.

iRealty Virtual Brokers Technology

Sellers have been finding out that the old ways no longer are selling their homes in a reasonable period of time.  iRealty has been way ahead of the game, and we’ve been way ahead of traditional brokerage.  Why do sellers appreciate what we can do?  Because we are connecting with buyers using the latest and most powerful technologies.

We are reaching out to buyers where they are, at the kitchen table on their laptops or in their dens on their Apple computers or PCs.  We are there even if they are searching on their tablets or on their smart phones.  We are everywhere.  We need to be to connect with buyers.  That’s how we sell homes.

We meet buyers in Google search engines for hundreds of search phrases.  We meet buyers in the MLSs online, not only our own specially programmed online MLS search sites, but our listings show up on all the other brokers online MLS sites, too.  We are experts in SEO (search engine optimization), video optimization, and article and photo optimization.

The technology and methods we use in our markets is very powerful, as is this site on the Olympic Peninsula.

We use technologies and Internet marketing strategies that work, and we don’t waste time on those that get lots of hype but don’t really work.  We know, because we test and test and test.

We give sellers what traditional brokers give them, and then we give them an entirely new world of marketing to sell their homes for the highest possible price in the least amount of time to qualified buyers.  And we do that 24/7.  iRealty Virtual Brokers – we’re a rare breed of Realtors.

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Random Testimonial

  • ~ Testimony by Larry and April

    "My husband and I were interested in relocating from Georgia to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and while we were staying at an Inn in Port Angeles, Washington, the Innkeepers gave us the name of Chuck Marunde as a contact for helping us with our real estate needs. Upon meeting Chuck we hit it off and immediately became friends and felt a real sense of trust in Chuck handling our wants and needs as far as real estate goes. We gave him, for lack of a better word, "unrealistic" demands in this unstable economy, and by the next morning Chuck had a list of properties that would fit those "demands". Chuck was able to help us not only find a home and property that suited our needs as a large family, but he went above and beyond what he needed to do to ensure that our offer was presented (and accepted) in a timely fashion. In the past 25 years of dealing in real estate, Chuck is, without a doubt, the most prompt, reliable, trustworthy, and friendly professional we have ever done business with! We will always use Chuck from here on out for all our real estate needs. "

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