About iRealty?

This real estate brokerage grew out of a passion to use technology efficiently and to tap into the power of the Internet as a way to connect with clients.  As a technology geek Chuck Marunde built his first website in 1995 while still practicing as a real estate lawyer.  After 17 years of constantly seeking ways to more effectively use the Internet to connect with clients, tens of thousands of dollars invested in software and at least a hundred different services claiming to be able to help, and thousands of thousands of hours of hard labor night and day, the result is the most successful virtual real estate brokerage not just in Sequim and Port Angeles, but on the entire Olympic Peninsula and beyond.  Clients and prospective clients use these online tools and read our articles daily.  This virtual brokerage became Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate, LLC., and today is iRealty Virtual Brokers.

iRealty Virtual BrokersIn the calendar year 2011, Chuck’s main real estate blog had over 4,600,000 hits.  With over 1,100 articles posted, the articles were read a total of 1,600,000 times by 315,000 unique visitors.  In addition to this site, Chuck built three dozen more sites in various niches.  As the only broker in a one-man show, Chuck closed an average of one transaction per month for several years i the middle of a severe recession, and in a time when the total Sequim Realtors dropped from 258 in 2008 to 107 in 2011.

While we do talk about our technology here, and we are undoubtedly far ahead of the competition, we maintain fundamental core values that have always been true.  For example, we believe in truth, honesty, integrity, loyalty, hard work, creativity, and freedom.  We believe that important human relationship principles remain at the base of all our tools and everything we do.  Certain marketing practices and sales practices will always be true, and we hang on to those principles and practices.  This means we do everything successful real estate agents do today, and we have the latest technology tools to do it efficiently.  We just do a lot more a lot more efficiently with a lot less overhead to reach a lot more clients.

At the core of our business model, and all the technology we use, is an absolute commitment that will not be compromised.  Our commitment is stated like this:

Our clients are always the center of the Universe.  This means our clients’ best interests are always placed ahead of all other interests, even our own.  We serve our clients humbly and loyally, which speaks to our commitment to work for them and to promote their best interests.  These principles are echoed in everything we do, from the core of our business model to our marketing system, to the image we promote, to the articles we write, to our search engine optimization (SEO), to the methods we use to obtain and communicate with clients, and to the processes and technologies we use.  We have some of the best technology tools available today, and these tools differentiate us in a huge way from all other brokerages, both the traditional bricks-and-mortar and the so-called modern brokerage that claims to “be all over the Internet” as one agent put it.  The purpose of all of this technology at iRealty is to build strong relationships with our clients.

We teach our agents how to use technology and how to use Internet marketing strategies that work (and not to waste time and money on those that do not work).  While many talking heads out there are telling agents what they should do to generate leads, we are not guessing.  Everything we teach has been proven and refined.  We don’t guess.  We implement proven strategies and techniques.  We teach agents how to do this, saving them years of trial and error and tens of thousands of dollars.  What tools do we use?

Several key technologies are at the core of iRealty’s success (we teach our Brokers how to dominate their own market niches):

1.  An encyclopedic set of websites, each with a specific purpose and specific information for buyers;

2.  Several real estate blogs, each with a niche in the real estate market;

3.  Thousands of articles written directly to buyers and written precisely about the issues they are most interested in;

4. Search engine optimization (SEO) that implements several dozen very powerful techniques to optimize articles, photos, videos, and various sites so they will generate buyer leads on a daily basis;

5.  The careful use of multiple social media;

6.  Mobile applications built so buyers can find us on any mobile device;

7. Online subscription services that are programmed to help clients and prospective clients find exactly what they are looking for;

8.  Expert author status on multiple national real estate sites that lead clients back to iRealty;

9.  Hundreds of videos online (and more being produced) on real estate issues for buyers;

10. Many real estate educational audios online and downloadable to mobile devices;

11. Massive link exchanges with other prominent national real estate sites;

12. An online newspaper, and in some markets articles written with expert status, promoting iRealty;

13. Affiliate Internet sites promoting iRealty and/or each Broker’s blog(s);

14. Informational sites on real estate and real estate law that are used by people all over the country and that lead back to our sites and our Brokers;

15. Articles published in hard copy magazines that direct people to our websites;

16. An online magazine, which Brokers can create for themselves promoting their business;

17. Local services for business which build local relationships, including and free business marketing help for local businesses;

18. An online local business directory, the most comprehensive with descriptions of each business, their contact information and links to their websites;

19. Published books about the loca real estate market, available at Amazon.com and dozens of other online bookstores, in the iTunes store in a digital version, and available in bookstores like Barnes and Noble.  These books are available for iRealty Brokers (co-branded) to promote themselves and their business;

20. An online backoffice that includes a digital transaction management system; and

21. Everything agents need to build and operate a successful real estate practice out of their home without the massive overhead.

Agents will get guidance on how to use these tools consistent with their own personal preferences and lifestyle.  There is no other broker who provides so much for agents to help them succeed and enjoy their business.

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  • ~ Testimony by Larry and April

    "My husband and I were interested in relocating from Georgia to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and while we were staying at an Inn in Port Angeles, Washington, the Innkeepers gave us the name of Chuck Marunde as a contact for helping us with our real estate needs. Upon meeting Chuck we hit it off and immediately became friends and felt a real sense of trust in Chuck handling our wants and needs as far as real estate goes. We gave him, for lack of a better word, "unrealistic" demands in this unstable economy, and by the next morning Chuck had a list of properties that would fit those "demands". Chuck was able to help us not only find a home and property that suited our needs as a large family, but he went above and beyond what he needed to do to ensure that our offer was presented (and accepted) in a timely fashion. In the past 25 years of dealing in real estate, Chuck is, without a doubt, the most prompt, reliable, trustworthy, and friendly professional we have ever done business with! We will always use Chuck from here on out for all our real estate needs. "

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