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To be successful today in real estate an agent an agent needs many things, but if he doesn’t have a brokerage with a business model that gives him/her the freedom to succeed, the result will be frustration and eventually disillusionment.

Chuck Marunde has worked for the large franchises.  He knows their business models.  He also has worked for two national revenue sharing brokerage and a 100% monthly fee brokerage.  He has been an adviser to dozens of brokerages as a real estate attorney.  And he has owned and built his own independent brokerage.  He has consulted with brokers from every major brokerage, and has discussed in detail the pros and cons of each brokerage.  Among the many different business models today, he has learned what works and what doesn’t work so well.

The ideal brokerage will give agents all they need to succeed and then give them all the freedom they need to be successful.  This brokerage does exactly that.  We have no desire to control you and to own all your marketing and all your listings and all your clients, like other brokerages.  We want you to succeed without limitations.  Your success will be our success.

iRealty Virtual BrokersWe have eliminated the massive overhead of the big bricks-and-mortar office, and that means we have eliminated to need to take so much out of agents’ commission checks to pay for all that overhead.  In the new world of marketing, the big building is no longer essential.  Neither sellers nor buyers care about the offices, and agents today who know how to use technology can work from the comfort of their own home office.  We can show agents how to get more done in a single day than 90% of agents who drag themselves into an office every day.  Our business model has a virtual office with incredibly powerful tools for every agent, including a digital transaction management system, a client contact system with an excellent client relationship management program, an email campaign marketing system, a newsletter program, a client login site for access to their transaction documents and transaction calendar, lead generation tools, and a broker who was a real estate attorney for 20 years who understand contracts, language, and legal issues.

Our business model provides more tools, and more training in technology and marketing than any other broker we know of anywhere in the country.  We also have worked through the math of the other business models, and we have what we believe gives our agents the greatest chance to build a larger income than with any other brokerage.  Our compensation plan takes something most do not–the probability of the plan actually working for the majority of agents.  We created the highest probability net commission compensation plan in the industry.  We have an 80-20 split with a $14,000 annual cap, and no monthly fee.  Each agent will pay for their own basic expenses and taxes and share of their errors and omissions insurance.  When an agent reaches the annual cap, the split immediately goes to 100%.

Be sure to read our page on what we consider the profile of the ideal agent for iRealty Virtual Brokers, and after that, if you feel we are on the same sheet of music, make an appointment with Chuck Marunde.

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    "Chuck, I visit your site just about every day to see what is going on in Sequim. Although I have never been there, it is on my short list for a retirement home in 2014, when I turn 66. (Save me a house!). I do hope you are still in business then so you can help me find a little house for me and my cats with a view of some water. :-) "

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