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iRealty VirtualReal estate training in brokerages across America is woefully lacking.  This is one of my pet peeves as a 37-year real estate veteran (20 years as a real estate attorney).  It is far more serious than the public realizes, and I don’t think agents realize how critical it is for their own careers to have the best training and mentoring.  Too often brokers don’t bother training and mentoring new agents, and the old dogs seem incapable or unwilling to unlearn what they never learned to do right in the beginning.  This is no small matter.  Learn wrong, and your entire real estate career will fall short of what it could have been.  Learn right and continue to grow personally and professionally, and there are no limits in how your business can grow or how much you can earn.  That’s what iRealty Virtual Brokers is all about.

The kind of training I’m talking about is not continuing education classes, most of which is not useful in making money in the real world.  I’m talking about real training and mentoring that shares practical knowledge and tips that takes professionals 10 to 20 to 30 years to master.  Think about it.  Right now we have new agents entering the real estate business with some sparse instructions, and they’re told to keep up on their required educational credits so they will be able to renew their licenses.  Brokers preach a lot about training, especially at the big franchises, but I’ve been there, done that.  They don’t do the training that helps agents make a lot of money.  Their business model is focused on making the brokerage money, not you.

This doesn’t just apply to new agents.  Agents who have been in the business for many years will learn more from our founder and CEO than all their past brokers.  The focus or iRealty Virtual Brokers’ entire business is to help you, the agent or broker, build your own successful business within our framework.  We want you to be free.  We want you to be free to succeed without the limitations of the traditional business model, and without the limitations forced on you in the other so-called “new cutting edge” virtual brokerages.

Promises, promises.  You’ve heard that, and maybe even said it to yourself at some point.  We deliver and we guarantee that.  You will be absolutely delighted with our training, because it is focused on helping you succeed, helping you make more money, helping you have more freedom to live life the way you’ve dreamed.

Our teaching includes technology and Internet marketing and lead generation that you own yourself.  You already know that if you’ve read about us, but the training I’m talking about here also includes training that has been lacking in other brokerages.  For example, few agents ever learn how to negotiate early in their careers.  Instead, they learn by trial and error and in the school of hard knocks . . . at their clients’ expense, until after many years and hundreds of deals, they finally start to figure out the nuances, the techniques and the negotiating tactics of the masters.  We don’t make you wait for years to learn that.  We will teach you these things as soon as you are ready, willing, and able.

Most agents don’t learn how to write persuasively, to draft excellent sales script, or how to write incredibly effective narratives about their listings.  We teach you how to do that early.  Our CEO is a professional author and salesman.

Most agents take lousy photographs for their listings.  We teach agents how to take professional looking photos, again taught by a professional photographer.

Most agents don’t know all about marketing and advertising and what is effective and what is not.  We plumb the depths of these subjects so you won’t spin your tires, waste money and time, and so you can make more money faster than your competition.

Brokers also don’t teach their agents about software, online applications, mobile applications, email systems, CRM systems, and lead generations systems.  We know and teach these things so you can stop throwing money over the bridge and place your money and effort into the most effective tools that will help you connect with buyers, sell your listings, and make more money.

We share what most high tech SEO companies keep very secret, and which brokers do not know either.  We teach you about how to build your own blog to generate leads every day in your market niche.  And we don’t just teach generalities.  We teach everything you need to know from starting to build your blog, the software, the tools, the plugins, the SEO necessary, and precisely how to optimize for the search engines.  We teach you how to create, edit, and publish videos and how to optimize them for the search engines.  We teach you how to optimize photos, too.  We teach you how to dominate your market niche, and we know exactly how to do it, because we have done it.

We also have a compensation plan that has a high probability of success, and can diversify your income throughout the year with a monthly residual income.  Unlike some virtual brokerages that show you a spreadsheet in which you can build this gigantic income, our compensation plan is built on a high probability mathematical model.  It’s fine to tell someone they can make millions, but if the odds are the same as buying a lottery ticket, that business model will waste a year of your time before you figure it out and move on.  We created a comp plan that is realistic, but there’s more to it.  All of the companies out there don’t have a recruiting marketing system for you.  They tell you, “Go out and recruit agents.”  And they expect you to do it all, create your own marketing system, reach out to thousands of agents in whatever ways you can figure out.  We will teach you how to recruit, and we are building systems that will do much of the work for you.  We know what works and what doesn’t work.  We don’t just throw you out to the sharks and say, “Go out and recruit agents.”  We participate with you to help you succeed.  When you and many agents like you succeed, we succeed.

If you want real training, real mentoring, and a real partner to build your financial freedom, you owe it to yourself and your spouse and children to talk to us.

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